Protect Our Turtles rally
Nesting Turtle & red light
Morning Patrol at Serra Negra
Working with a day-light turtle
Educational activity with the kids
Incubating Osprey
Morning Patrol at Serra Negra
Monte Leão
Beach Cleaning at Serra Negra
Amazing Red-billed tropicbirds
Salt mines at Pedra de Lume
Beach Cleaning at Igrejinha
Early morning hatchling release
Pair of breeding Ospreys
Teaching in the Schools
Filed Assistants
Mitu Monteiro saving a turtle
Costa Fragata
Salt mines at Santa Maria
Injured Olive Ridley rescue
Hemidactylus boavistensis
Teaching in the Schools

During the year we teach about natural resources, biodivesristy and environment in general in all the schools and highschools of Sal Island.