End of Year Campaign 2018

Stronger patrols, stronger communities: 

Help the team in Pedra de Lume save even more turtles in 2019

Why we need your support

As the population of Sal's Loggerhead turtles keeps growing, Project Biodiversity wants to do the same. In the coming seasons, we want to protect more nesting turtles against poaching and their nests against dog predation, coastal development, and other increasing human-induced threats. With humans and nature on Sal being so inextricably linked, we believe the best way forward is by strengthening Sal's coastal communities to support the conservation of sea turtles on some of the island's most remote coasts.

Pedra de Lume is one of those coastal communities. This small village, well known for its salt mines inside an extinct volcano crater, is surrounded by a nesting beach and is also gateway to most of the nesting beaches on Sal's east coast. One of these beaches, Praia Chano, is the most isolated nesting beach of Sal Island. However, this isolation has not been an advantage, quite the opposite! Poaching there is one of the highest of the whole island.

Why is it so important

to protect these beaches?


Since 2015 patrols there have been irregular and always depended on receiving last-minute emergency funds. This has translated to over 187 turtles killed, more than 1 in 4 turtles that went there to lay their eggs.


Fortunately, the growing youth community of Pedra de Lume is ready to step up and take action to protect the

nesting turtles from that side of the island.


And they need our help!


This year, we're asking you to help us build a strong,  team and a strong protection plan to protect all those nesting turtles. By making your donation, you will help ensure a strong enduring patrol team for the community of Pedra de Lume.


How you can help

There are many ways you can support us as we head into 2019, and all of them will help us reach our goals for the coming nesting season. The holidays are the perfect time to support your favourite non-profit and we hope that is us!


Most of you have already been in Sal with us and have already donated your money or time and we can't thank you enough! We are asking you to do one more step and help us fundraise with your friends, family and co-workers. Together we can make this possible!

Adopt a turtle for your X-mas gift. Surprise your family with this meaningful action while helping us protect more turtles next year. 

If you are coming to Sal Island, bring with you some of the equipment that we need for the patrols. You can also send us everything and we will make sure that arrive to Sal.

You can also make a symbolic donation to our PayPal account and we will make sure that goes to the protection of sea turtles.

Become an ambassador of Project Biodiversity and help us reach our goals. Organise small fundraising campaigns at your workplace or with your friends and family. Tell us what you need and we will definitely help you! 

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Read the new report with the

 2018 Nesting Season Results!

Share your support with your family and friends and explain them

why they should support us this Christmas!

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