protect endangered species with new limited edition gifts!

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Sustainable clothing that supports conservation

With 1 million animal and plant species now threatened with extinction, protecting island wildlife and ecosystems has never been more urgent. That's why this year we've partnered with Art for the Endangered, to bring you one-of-a-kind gifts this holiday season.  

We're offering the perfect gift for anyone who loves art, wildlife, and is looking for a comfortable, sustainable way to help support conservation on Sal Island!

Our exclusively designed t-shirts, each of which come in three different colors,
are made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles and other recycled material. The perfect waste-free gift for any nature lover in your life (or yourself!)
The best part? No second-guessing that you've got the right gift!
Upon receiving it, the recipient gets to choose which color, size, and species they like most!  

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How it works:


1. Fill out the form below with the recipient's name and email address.

2. Select the gift: you can choose between a t-shirt and turtle adoption certificate together, or just the T-shirt on its own. 

3. Make your donation.

4. Recieve an exclusive gift card to present to the recipient on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or whenever is right for you! You will also receive an adoption certificate if you chose the pack.

5. Scan the QR code: to receive their gift, the recipient will then scan the QR code on the gift card and select their choice of T-shirt!

Do you want your own t-shirt?

You can also order one of our t-shirt for yourself!
Just click this button and follow the instructions.


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Why your support matters 

Over the last six years, Project Biodiversity's conservation efforts have grown exponentially in size and scope. We have established the island's first actively co-managed Marine Protected Area, collaborated with fishing communities to support more sustainable fishing practices, and reconnected a small town of Pedra de Lume to provide access to the economic benefits of tourism and conservation. 

At the heart of all of these programmes is the continued fight to
protect some of the island's most vulnerable species - from the endangered loggerhead turtle to the majestic tropicbird and countless wildlife in-between. Without these species, the terrestrial and marine ecosystems they inhabit would be irreversibly damaged, sending ripple effects through the island's economic, social and cultural spheres. 

The fight to protect endangered wildlife is never finished.

This year, our nightly patrols protected over 10.000 turtles and over 316 were directly or indirectly saved from poachers. Still, despite our best efforts, our team recorded over 450 poached turtles over the course of the 2021 nesting season. 

Our goal from one year to the nest is always to reduce - and one day eliminate poaching on the island of Sal and throughout Cabo Verde. Each year, we employ over 40 local staff to help patrol the beaches, raise awareness amongst local communities, and ensure as many baby turtles as possible can be the 1 in 1000 that survive to adulthood. 

With the purchase of this gift, you are ensuring that our team has the capacity and resources to make that possible in 2022. Choose from these exclusive designs and feel good knowing you have made a difference this holiday!


Adult Turtle Dark Grey
Tropicbird Turquoise
Tropicbird Khaki Green