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How To Understand A Sewing Machine Needle Position

The needle position is one of the things that trouble beginners the most. Here is my experience with this feature so that you can have a clearer idea of what it is.

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What Is Sewing Machine Needle Position

I had a sewing machine that had been with me for years until a day I realized that I had outgrown it and I needed a new model to suit my skills. What I used to have is a best starter sewing machine and it has served me well.

I came to the dealer for a new one and he introduced a machine to me. It was great. It’s from a noted brand and it has all the features I need. I loved it so much that I decided to buy it in a heartbeat. But when I got it home with me and started sewing, I notice that this one didn’t have the usual feet with it. I came back to the dealer to complain and he said that the reason the foot was not there is that this new machine had needle positions to give me more freedom.

If your machine can sew zigzag stitches, it’s more about adjusting the needle position.

The needle position I talked about earlier lets you change where the needle penetrates to suit what you have in mind. This feature requires guides on the presser foot. The needle position is especially handy when you need your stitches to be precise. This feature allows you to take the matter into your own hands rather than letting the machine does it.

On most machines I know, set the machine to sew straight stitches and adjust the width of a zigzag stitch will result in straight stitches with the needle in a different position. Read this List of Best Products if you want to buy a good basic sewing machine for beginners with many stitch options.

Put the foot of the machine where you want the needle to pierce through and change how wide the zigzag stitches are and you will have the lines you have in mind.

Presser Foot’s Guide

A common mistake that newbies make is to fix their eyes on the needle while they should watch the guide instead.

The needle will move repeatedly so even if you really want to, you cannot follow it all the time. To achieve perfectly straight stitches, you should keep your eyes on the foot, not the needle.

If you are new to this, sew on a piece of scrap until you feel confident.

Whatever foot you use, there is always something you can use as a guide to direct your fabric accordingly. It can be a real guide, a line, or a marking.

When you find a guide to follow, change the needle position to where you want it to land, and then you can sew with a certain distance from the seams you’ve already had.

Follow my guide and you can make use of the needle position on any machine. In case you haven’t found a machine yet, this website will provide you an overview of the best first-time sewing machine you should try.