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Best Rugged Laser Distance Meter: Leica Disto X3 Laser Distance Meter Review

If you want to have a rugged laser measure device that can work in almost any weather conditions without delaying a process, then Leica Disto X3 is the best working companion for all your needs. It’s a robust device with loads of advanced features to make workflow promising. Let’s get into the complete details of the Leica Disto X3 top rated laser tape measure.

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Leica Disto X3 Features

Bluetooth Smart Technology

The Bluetooth smart technology of the Leica Disto X3 laser distance meter allows users to transfer readings from one device to another. After taking readings, you can transfer them to other gadgets for later use. The ergonomic design of the laser measurer device is easy to carry anywhere without packing it in a separate bag.

Backlit Display

It doesn’t matter if you are working in low-light conditions because the laser measurer has a backlit display for taking measurements and reading them in any lighting condition. This will take your measurement process to the next level due to the rugged environment. If you are working in a rain or dusty environment, there is nothing to worry about because of the sealed surroundings of the device.

Measuring Range

The measuring range of the Leica Disto X3 laser measure device is also impressive for outdoor purposes. The working range is 500ft with an accuracy of +-0.04inches. You can connect the laser measure with the Disto plan app to control it from a distance. It’s a completely professional platform to achieve desired results while working on complex projects.

Smart Horizontal

This best laser tape measure is offering a smart horizontal feature with onboard tilt sensors to measure the distance by avoiding obstacles. It’s also a Top Quality Laser Measure on The Market you can buy on a limited budget. The device also has a tripod and adapter set to make measurements possibilities extend as much as possible. These features will help you in taking measurements point to point with precision.


The battery power of the laser measure device is impressive as well due to 8 hours of uninterrupted operation. The battery has the potential of delivering 4000 measurements per power supply. It’s drop-tested to 2m, and the flip-out end piece is about 80% longer. While working on a rough site, batteries can work for a long time without asking for a replacement.

Other Features

Leica Disto X3 is IP54 rated to prevent dust and water from entering the system. P2P measurements, tripod stand, and adapter set to extend the measuring range. The Pythagoras formula of the device allows a user to calculate any distance within a few minutes.

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While reading the laser measure review, you can see the ranking of Leica Disto X3 laser distance at the top. All the basic and advanced functions of Leica Disto X3 laser measure are up to the mark and suitable for any professional craftsmen. It’s durable enough to last for a long time and easy to maintain. Through this efficient device, you can work anywhere anytime without worrying about the weather and other factors.

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