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A Wild Adventure, A World of Difference



Looking for a meaningful way to travel, experience other cultures and contribute to an important cause? We need volunteers like you! Find meaningful adventure working hands-on and side by side with experienced conservationist with wildlife like sea turtle and seabirds. Travel affordably to an exotic destination to live on beaches famous for their beautiful scenery and watersports all while gaining fieldwork experience in conservation biology or a related field. 


Since 2015 we have been welcoming international volunteers that have come from 25 different countries around the world. Since then, we have also improved our volunteering experience after listening to all your feedback. We offer exceptional close and personal attention, making sure that every volunteer feels part of the team. Volunteers work along with a very experienced and young group of conservationist. We have secured discounts on many businesses of Sal, including surf schools, diving centres and nature excursion companies. But above all, all our volunteers agree that they feel that what they and we are doing is significant and impactful to both wildlife and Sal's community.

Volunteer Opportunities

Each of our programmes offer unique experiences across cultures and disciplines. Whether you are a budding biologist or banker wanting to reconnect with the natural world, we have something for everyone.  

Learn more about each of our volunteer opportunities below!

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