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Sustainable Tourism - Library

Sal is one of the most touristic islands of Cabo Verde. To support sustainable tourism practices, we collaborate and partner with national and international tourism agents.  We endorse positive and sustainable tourism practices to preserve and protect the fragile ecosystems of Cabo Verde and decrease the negative impact tourism has on our environment.

Below you can find some of the material we have created to facilitate the work of tourism stakeholders on the island and ease their efforts to have a positive impact on the environment and raise environmental awareness.

Boas Práticas para Excursões na Naturezaz

Boas Práticas para Excursões na Natureza

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Guide - Nature Reserve Costa Fragata - EN

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Guía - Reserve Natural Cpsta Fragata - PT

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Turtle Watching - Briefing Cards

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Slides de apresentação: Formação sobre Tartarugas Marinhas

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Slides de apresentação: Boas Práticas

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