The Field Camp!

Our field camps are a critical part of the protection of turtles. They are also the base of our activities during the nesting season and a place where to connect with nature and with other staff and volunteers from the association and from Sal. By being right on the beach at all times we are able to increase the success of the patrols, reducing the chances of poaching of nesting turtles.


All participants will stay in the main camp for - at least - six out of every seven days. On rest days you are free to go into Santa Maria where a shared, self-catered apartment is provided. The main camp is a 40-minute walk from the village, and in the case of an emergency, there is a clinic just a 15-minute drive away.


The camps are right on the beach and are basic, but comfortable, with shaded areas, walled-tents, and a toilet. There is no running water and electricity. A petrol generator might be used to charge batteries and equipment for the project activities. Drinking water is provided, and there is a limited amount of fresh water for showers and washing clothes. Biodegradable soap is required for use in the camp.


Lunch and dinner are prepared by a cook. We try to be varied and to adapt to everybody’s needs but the food in Sal Island is very expensive and not so varied. This is because all the food is shipped from other islands or even from Europe. We ask all the staff in the camp to understand this and to be helpful and participative with new ideas of possible meals, instead only being negative and critic. We welcome all sort of alimentary needs and we are careful with allergies. In this occasions, and given the size of the team, we always thank all your collaboration.


Facilities and comfort are limited, so you should be sure that you are able to cope with these conditions before you apply. For those offered a position, we are happy to advise you about what you should bring, and about what you will need.