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Stay with locals, live the

culture and hospitality of Cabo Verde


With Project Biodiversity's homestay programme, you have the opportunity to stay at a family house in a small fishermen's village on the northeast of Sal Island. All of the houses participating in the homestay programme were carefully selected and followed specific guidelines to host volunteers, besides having received training in hospitality so you have a positive and unique exchange of experiences.


The volunteer who joins our programme is going to work in the community of Pedra de Lume, developing environmental education activities with the locals, as well as community development actions such as workshops, and others.


During their free time, the volunteer can take the opportunity to explore the paradisic island of Sal. There is the option to do water sports such as kitesurf, windsurf, and surfing as well as diving or just relax on the beach.


When you join this programme, you will develop different activities in the community of Pedra de Lume depending on your background.


Some activities might include:

  • Joining our environmental education team in classes at local schools, high schools, and child centres;

  • Developing educational materials with our team to be used in schools;

  • Organizing workshops on various subjects such as sustainable lifestyle, family health, women empowerment;

  • Conducting English classes for kids;

  • Giving sports lessons to kids and adults;

  • Beach cleanings with the Pedra de Lume community;

  • Sea turtle night patrols and night shifts at the conservation hatchery working with sea turtle nests.

About Pedra de Lume

The small town of Pedra de Lume is located on the northeast of the island. Pedra de Lume is an important location on Sal Island because it is home to the most visited spots on Sal. It is in this town where you can find shark bay, which is home to the lemon shark population. It is also there where you can find the Salinas, an old salt mine on a volcanic crater, where you can take salt baths and enjoy a beautiful landscape. Unfortunately, even though this town receives a lot of financial input from the tourism section, very little of it actually stays with the local families. And this is where the homestay programme comes from. We want to bring value and empower the families of this small but important town.

To prepare Pedra de Lume to host this programme, we have organised capacity building activities with the families, as well as have prepared - alongside the families - their homes to welcome volunteers from all around the world. With this programme, you will directly impact the lives of different families, once the volunteering fees go directly back to the families and the community which hosted you.


This volunteering programme will only welcome six volunteers at a time. Make sure you don't miss this chance! Follow these steps to apply:

1. Fill up the online application form that you will find below.

2. Wait for our email and get ready for the experience!

We are waiting for you!

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