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About Us

Project Biodiversity is a Cabo Verdean organisation committed to conserving and restoring the island’s unique ecosystems. 


Based on the island of Sal, the project implements a variety of environmental programmes that achieve ambitious conservation goals and support sustainable economic growth for the community.

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Our Vision: a world in which humans and nature can thrive together; where communities practice sustainable use and management of natural resources and are committed to protecting them - ultimately giving back in return.  

Our mission: to implement conservation programs that promote a sustainable growth model, protecting Cabo Verde's natural ecosystems and paving the way for a more vibrant community - one that is both environmentally conscious and economically strong.

Meet the Team


Albert Taxonera

Executive Director


Olavo da Luz

Project Manager


Janice Pinheiro

Finances & HR Director


Anice Lopes

Sustainable Fisheries Programme, Coordinator


Nelson Lopes

Community Development Programme, Coordinator


Rosineida Lima

Education and Community Development Programme, Coordinator


Kirsten Fairweather

Sea Turtle Conservation Programme, Scientific Coordinator


Artur Lopes

Sea Turtle Conservation Programme, Project Coordinator

Débora Newlands

International Volunteering Programme Coordinator, Social Media Manager

Lena Matsuda

Tourism, Outreach & Marketing Programme, Coordinator

Elton da Cruz

Tourism, Outreach & Marketing Programme, Assistant

Berta Renom

Marine Monitoring Programme, Coordinator

Denis Adriano

Marine Monitoring Programme, Field Technician

Nicolau Araújo

Marine Monitoring Programme, Field Technician

Maldini dos Santos

Seabird Monitoring Programme, Coordinator

Ezequiel Canifa

Seabird Monitoring Programme, Field Technician

Vânia Tavares

Terrestrial Monitoring Programme, Coordinator

António Monteiro

Terrestrial Monitoring Programme, Field Technician

Our Values

João Lima

Terrestrial Monitoring Programme, Field Techinician


Environmental ethics: a commitment to the protection of nature for both the ecological and economic value it provides.


Commitment to Community: to engage and encourage people to develop a personal dedication to environmental protection as an individual choice.


Environmental Responsibility: a dedication to raising local and international awareness about the importance of conservation and environmental stewardship.

Ethical Volunteerism: to enhance solidarity through service, and to promote volunteering as a tool to raise awareness and inspire cultural exchange among both local and international communities.


Economic Opportunity: to support and build community capacity to realize the health, economic, and personal benefits of environmental protection.


Sustainability: To instill responsible decision-making that will secure an enduring balance between ecological resilience and economic prosperity.

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Annual Reports

Each year we share the scientific and community results of our Marine Turtle Protection programme with our partners and supporters. Click the link below to read our latest. 

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