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Bring your donation with you

Another way you can help us is by providing the project with important and basic equipment. If you are coming to visit Sal at any time of the year check our amazon wishlist and pick any item/s you prefer. Most of the items are things we need to replace every one or two years and are difficult to find in Cabo Verde.


If you like this idea follow the next steps:

1) Click on the Amazon wishlist icon. We have a wishlist for the UK and for Spain. Use the one more convenient for you.


2) Navigate to see which items are on the list.


3) Once you have decided on an item we recommend that you check the delivery time to make sure you will receive it before your departure. Normally this time will depend on the item and you will have different options.


4) If you are not coming to Sal, you can send the equipment to one of the collaborators that will help us get the items to us.


5) Contact Us and we will help you organise everything!



If you have any doubt or questions do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you in the process.

Amazon Spain Wishlist

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