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Why give now

 Regardless of circumstances, our team strives to build a better world – protecting critical wildlife, their ecosystems, and the communities that depend on them. In the past, much of our financial foundation has come from the community of people who travel to Sal, visit us, and contribute to our project every year. 

P2137054_2 Red-billed tropicbird at Mont

Support conservation of iconic seabirds

Your monthly gift will cover the cost of a trip to the field so our staff can collect important data on local seabird colonies.

25€ /month


Engage the next generation of conservationists

Your monthly gift will cover weekly environmental lessons to engage at-risk youth in conservation activities.

50€ /month


Power the protection of endangered turtles

Your monthly gift will cover the cost of a full night's patrol to protect nesting female turtles from the threat of poaching. 

100€ /month

What it means to be part of our sustaining donor family 

When you become a monthly donor, you join a special part of our community - a group of individuals committed to supporting the conservation of some of the world's most endangered species - and inspiring local communities to do the same.

As we look ahead towards 2021 – we're aiming to rebuild our financial foundation so that our impact can spread even further and wider than ever before. You can help us fuel that impact by becoming a sustaining donor.  By committing to a monthly donation, you’ll help close the gap left by a year of uncertainty and secure a future for our programmes and the people and wildlife they support.

Your monthly gift

 If you choose to classify your monthly donation, you'll have the opportunity to receive exclusive updates on the programme you're supporting. Regardless of what donation you choose to make, you can be sure that every penny of your donation is spent directly on our conservation and community programmes and ensuring their success.


Thank you so much for your support! 

We can't wait to share our conservation successes with you.

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