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At Project Biodiversity we are determined to pass on our experience to the youth from Cabo Verde and abroad. This is why capacity building and personal development are always present in all the positions within the organisation. If you are decided to start a career in conservation, you are passionate about nature and you are flexible and eager to learn, you should definitely apply to work with us or to do an internship. Currently, many interns or former staff are now leading conservation projects in other islands or different countries! 


Interim Project Manager

Status: OPENED

Deadline: 18/11/2021


This position is for early-career managers with 5+ years of experience in project management, including financial management and development of all the conservation initiatives of Projeto Biodiversidade.

Based on the island of Sal, the candidate will manage a wide range of conservation projects, including sea turtles, MPA co-management, artisanal fisheries and others, at the same time that will help develop new projects. Click the button below to know more about The Offer and how to apply.


Administrativa/o Financeira/o

Estado: OPENED

Prazo de inscrição: 20/11/2021


Esta posição é para um pessoa com pelo menos 2 anos de expriência como administrador/a finaceiro/a que busque expandir a sua experiência e conhecimentos.

Pode ver mais informação sobre a vaga e como se candidatar na botão Oferta de abaixo.

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Assistente de Campo Local


Prazo de inscrição: 31/04/2021


Se você já tem experiência no trabalho de conservação das Tartarugas Marinhas na ilha do Sal ou em outras ilhas e tem compromisso e interesse ambiental, pode solicitar a posição de Assistente de Campo para a temporada de desova 2020.


Esta posição vai dar mais treinamento e mais responsabilidades e vai dar a oportunidade de trabalhar junto com voluntários de outras nacionalidades.


International Field Assistants

Status: CLOSED

Deadline to apply: 30 APRIL 2021

This internship position is ideal for those who are pursuing careers in conservation biology or related fields and are interested in gaining hands-on experience performing biological fieldwork and leading volunteers in an international setting. Every year many of our Field Assistants end up in a coordination position in similar projects after spending the summer with us!

For more information and to apply, click the text highlighted below!