When you are adopting a nest, you are helping us to make sure that all its eggs are well protected and that all the baby turtles that come out from it reach the ocean. Only the nests that are found on a risk location are transferred into our hatcheries where our team will monitor them until they hatch.



Your donation will give you the chance to write your name (or anything else!) in an adoption plaque. You will receive a picture of it with a certificate of adoption. Once the nest hatches, we will send you all the information about it and another picture with some of the babies!


















Adopting a nest is very easy: first fill up the following form and, after submitting it, you will be sent to a new page where you will find the PayPal buttons to make your donation (the minimum donation to adopt a nest is 40€)

All nest in our 2019 hatchery are adopted!!

Wait until next nesting season or adopt your 2020 nest now!

All the international donation done via PayPal are administrated by Fundación Inceptum, a Spanish based foundation. Fundación Inceptum provides Associação Projeto Biodiversidade with a legal frame to operate international donations via on-line platforms for fund transfers. Fundación Inceptum does not keep fees from the donations, and all the money goes into Project Biodiversity. 


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