Cabo Verdean waters are home to five different species of marine turtles including the Leatherback, Loggerhead, Hawksbill, Green and Olive Ridley. Of these species, the Loggerhead is the only one known to regularly nest on its beaches. Unfortunately, like all marine turtle species, the Loggerhead remains endangered as a result of poaching, development and continuous negative human pressures.

Sea Turtle Conservation 
Seabird Monitoring 
Protection of Important Ecosystems

 Environmental Outreach and Education 

Safeguarding Sal’s biodiversity goes far beyond just protecting the species that inhabit its coasts. It also relies on the participation of the communities that depend on its resources as a source of food, water and livelihood. Here’s how we work together with local communities to build capacity for environmental stewardship:

Community Engagement
Environmental Education
Leaders in National Policy


Cabo Verde has a distinct natural history, and much of the country's biodiversity is yet to be explored and discovered. In addition to the aesthetic, spiritual, educational and cultural value offered, the natural heritage of these islands has the ability to provide unique economic opportunities for the people of Cabo Verde. Project Biodiversity is committed to designing conservation strategies that both preserves its unique ecosystems and encourages cultural and economic prosperity for Sal's community. Take a look:

Battling Marine Debris
Partners in Responsible Tourism
Capacity Building


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