Giving ghost nets a new look 


Scientists estimate that over 600,000 tonnes of discarded fishing gear are currently plaguing the world's oceans. These nets - which are primarily made of plastic and nylon - can last in the ocean for up to 600 years, threatening thousands of marine species. 

On average, these nets entangle between 30-40 marine animals per net. From sharks to sea turtles to countless species in between, this type of marine pollution takes a heavy toll on the biodiversity of global ecosystems. 

But there's hope. Along with committed conservationists around the globe, innovative brands are re-inventing ways to recycle and reuse this harmful plastic to ensure a better future for our oceans. 

Enter PAPER London, a women's fashion brand dedicated to sustainable swimwear and ethically produced ready-to-wear.  As part of our new partnership, 25% of the proceeds from their popular Coconut swimsuit will go to supporting our community-led conservation efforts to protect Sal's wildlife. 

With summer just around the corner, we're helping you tackle plastic pollution in style. 



 "a characterful collection of swimwear crafted with care. Each piece is made using a sustainable material fabricated from recycled fishing nets - working to keep our seas clean and minimise new ocean waste. Not only is it eco-friendly, this innovative fabric also protects against the sun’s rays, offering the equivalent UV protection of an SPF50 sun cream, and is twice as resistant to chlorine and greasy lotions than other swimwear fabric."