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How You Can Help

Help us build a future for Cabo Verde–both its wildlife and its people.

Project Biodiversity is a small organisation with big dreams. We rely on the support of supporters like you to help us continue to grow our programmes that benefit Sal's environmental, cultural, and economic community. 


Your contribution will help us build more effective community engagement programmes, employ and train more local Cabo Verdeans, and –most importantly– protect more turtle, seabirds and other wildlife and ecosystems. We appreciate your support and look forward to sharing our conservation victories with you.




Since 2015 we have started several conservation programmes, we have set a wide educational campaign and we organised many beach and underwater cleanings. 

With your continued help, together we will build a stronger and more established NGO. We want to increase our impact and we can only do it with your help!




Or just do a one-time donation:

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