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When we founded Project Biodiversity, we dreamt of setting a solid conservation project for seabirds and for the osprey breeding in Sal. We wanted to show that on our logo, where you can see a sea turtle and a red-billed tropicbird together. Little was known at that moment, but two years after we discovered several breeding colonies for the beautiful red-billed tropicbird. Now we know that Sal Island has, probably, the largest colony of this species in West Africa and that there are four other seabird species breeding, three of the endemic of Cabo Verde. You can read more info in the Seabirds of Sal page. On the other side, we have been following the population of the Ospreys (fishing eagles) since the winter of 2017, recording their breeding success, ringing their chicks and assessing their conservation status. 


Now we offer you a great opportunity to work hands-on with this spectacular species. Not only that, but you will be working side by side with experienced conservationists. The team working on this programme is very small, so the opportunity to be fully immersed in the conservation of seabirds and osprey while receiving individualized training is huge. Whether you are looking to kick-start your career in ornithology or conservation biology, or you just want to have a life-changing experience, this is definitely an opportunity you won't want to miss!.

Depending on the time of the year you decide to join us, you will be working with different species. Although we work with the Red-billed tropicbird during the whole year, the peak of the breeding season is during winter. Check the table below to have a better idea when we accept volunteers and which species you will be working with (note that this is approximate). You can also read more about the offer in this document.


This volunteering programme will only welcome two volunteers at a time. Make sure you don't miss this chance!

Before applying, please read this document with more information.

How to Apply:

Project Biodiversity is using now the Omprakash ( US 501(c)(3) registered charity) platform to improve the experience and management of our volunteers. This will not add extra fees to your participation and will help you apply and prepare your next experience with us.


To apply:

1. Register to Omprakash using the form below. You will not need to leave this page

2. Fill up Part 1 of the application with your information.

3. Part 2 is about your participation. Start by selecting the volunteering programme you are

applying for and fill the rest of the form.

4. Submit and wait for our email and get ready for the experience!

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