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Welcome to Project Biodiversity!

Project Biodiversity (Projeto Biodiversidade) is a Cabo Verdean non-profit organisation committed to protecting unique wildlife through community-driven environmental protection programs in Sal, Cabo Verde.
We advocate for biodiversity through the development and implementation of sustainable environmental projects that inspire others to care for the natural world around them.

At the heart of Project Biodiversity’s work is the protection and conservation of the Loggerhead sea turtle, an endangered marine turtle species that nests in Sal between the months of June and October. In Cabo Verde, the Loggerhead turtle serves as both an environmentally and culturally iconic species, featured everywhere from Cabo Verde's unique art to its national currency. Each season, our team of local rangers, field biologists and volunteers work tirelessly to protect this species from poachers and other human-driven threats that unfortunately still pose a significant threat to this species throughout Cabo Verde. 
Though the idea of beach protection and environmental awareness is not new to Sal, our fresh approach unites local conservation efforts with opportunities for sustainable growth by establishing programmes that benefit both Cabo Verde's unique ecosystems and its people.

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