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Looking for a meaningful way to travel, experience other cultures and contribute to an important cause? Project Biodiversity needs volunteers like you! Find meaningful adventure working hands-on with wild nesting sea turtles. Travel affordably to an exotic destination to live on beaches famous for their beautiful scenery and surfing all while gaining fieldwork experience in conservation biology or a related field.

Marine Turtle Nesting Season Volunteers

The work and dedication of our volunteers are critical to the success of Project Biodiversity. During the nesting season, volunteers participate in all aspects of the project, including night patrols to protect and collect data on nesting sea turtles, hatchling releases, hatchery maintenance, and community outreach


Your work as a volunteer will have a meaningful long-term impact; after their experience, volunteers are able to spread awareness about conservation through their first-hand knowledge. The presence of volunteers in in the field camp is also an important morale booster for the project as a whole, as they bring a sense of enthusiam, passion and unique perspectives.

Timing:  1 July  - 20 October (entire nesting season) 

Deadline to Apply: volunteers can apply at any point throughout the season.



Hatchling Season Volunteers

Volunteering during the hatching season is one of the best ways to have a break and relax while helping in the conservation of Loggerhead sea turtles. Stay overnight in the hatchery monitoring hundreds of nests and releasing thousands of baby turtles to the ocean; Patrol the main beaches of Sal Island with the sunrise to check the nests that are ready to hatch and to help lost or entangled baby turtles get to the sea.


For those looking to connect with others who share your passion for meaningful travel, get hands-on with conservation and have a great time in Cabo Verde. For those looking to kick start their career in conservation, this could be your chance to gain valuable experience in the third largest nesting site for Loggerheads in the world.

Timing:  20 October - 9 December (entire hatchling season) 

Deadline to Apply: volunteers can apply at any point throughout the season.

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