How To Apply

Please read these instructions very carefully.


  • Incorrect applications will be rejected.

  • Only apply for positions for which you have the experience and/or qualifications required.

  • Please consider the cost of travel from your country to Cabo Verde and cost of living expenses before applying.

  • Read the FAQs for more information.


One of the primary functions of the project is to deter hunters; therefore, you are likely to encounter people who may wish to harm turtles, and you may see dead or dying turtles. You are not required to intervene–we are supported by the police and the military, so it is highly unlikely that you will be in any danger. However, if you do not expect that you would be able to remain calm in this situation, we ask that you please not apply.


  1. Complete the form (available below) and send it to

  2. Note that Field Assistants must be able to apply in English.

  3. Your application should be in a single PDF document only and no longer than 2 pages.

  4. Please title the document as your name and the year in the title of the document (ie: Sarah_Jones_2017.pdf) and save it as a PDF document. 

  5. Use regular (no bold, italics, or bullets) Calibri font, size 8, single-spaced. Please do not use any formatting that will increase your file size. The simpler your document is, the better.

  6. Your photograph should be a recent head and shoulders shot embedded within the document. This is for our security purposes.

  7. Do not attach a photo or anything other than your application to your email, including certificates or references.

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